Outside Bern, Switzerland, April 2015

I am a journalist who specializes in covering international current events, world and local politics, and cultural issues.

In December 2015 I completed my Master’s Degree in International Journalism at Cardiff University where I wrote a five-part, practice-based dissertation illustrating how Syrian refugees expose the inadequacies of European migration policy.

As the 2016 US Presidential Election nears I am also keenly interested in covering climate change and the United States’ ever-evolving relationships with foreign governments.

Below are links to select published articles from my portfolio. However, you can learn more about my work and read an in-depth resume on my LinkedIn profile.

New Internationalist, Oxford, UK
Escape from Syria,” September 30, 2015
Fortress Europe,” October 2, 2015

Providence Business News, Providence, RI
Rocky Hill takes path less travelled,” December 16, 2016
On-site alcohol sales growing,” November 18, 2016

Worcester Telegram & Gazette, Worcester, MA

Hay Festival 2015, Hay-on-Wye, Wales
Hay Castle rises again,” May 29, 2015
Support for Dissident Writers,” May 26, 2015
All articles published by me as a Hay Festival 2015 blogger can be found on
the Hay Festival Facebook page, bylines appear at the bottom of individual posts.

Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK

Williston Northampton School, Easthampton, MA
Mountains Beyond Mountains: A meaningful identity,” January 24, 2013
Shabana Basij-Rasikh and the crime of educating girls,” January 21, 2014
I’m not a superhero says Luma Mufleh,” December 7, 2012
I didn’t play chess in Soviet Russia, Newsflash!,” October 24, 2012
A boy, a textbook, and his drought-stricken country,” December 11, 2013
The boundless energy of Mr. Seamon,” September 20, 2013
Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse visits campus as diversity keynote,” February 25, 2013
Mary Jo Salter on common human experience,” November 19, 2013
Press Releases:
Smith Professor as keynote for MLK Day ceremony,” January 17, 2013
Luma Mufleh to speak at Wattles Perry ’77 Lecture,” November 28, 2012
Archambault ’14 receives highest Canadian academic award,” October 22, 2012

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