• “Early One Morning” Review

    When I’m looking for a new fiction book to dive into, which I admit is not as often as I’d like, I turn to my favorite media outlets to see if anyone I follow is reading something interesting. Here I caught wind of a new book by Virginia Baily that has ties to Cardiff. I… Continue Reading

  • Oasis, a refugee centre

    Oasis, a refugee centre in Cardiff’s Splott neighbourhood, has won funding to record the stories of refugees and asylum seekers living in the capital city. The sound of colliding billiard balls is the first to greet visitors to the café at Oasis. The second is a cacophony of languages. From the tinkering of pots and… Continue Reading

  • Syrian Child Refugees

    A three-month hiatus? Summer vacation at 27? Nope, but apologies all around. These next two posts, the last to be labelled ‘a la Cardiff’ are excerpts from my dissertation. These two features are emblematic of the research I committed myself to over the summer, the people I met and the stories they entrusted to me.… Continue Reading

  • Hay Festival 2015

    Before I was accepted to Cardiff University, in anticipation of applying to US-based graduate programs, I was preparing to sit for the GRE. At that point I knew Cardiff was my first choice, but at the same time I also knew very little about Wales itself. So, when one of my practice reading comprehension exercises… Continue Reading

  • Z and Zed and Everything in Between

    When I first studied in the United Kingdom, it was the fall semester of 2008 in London, the head of the programme read this quote to us more times than I could count. “England and America are two countries separated by the same language.” – George Bernard Shaw Apparently, he thought us perpetually wary. However, his… Continue Reading

  • A day in… relocated history

    A few hours wandering around St Fagans in late March was quite a reward. Not everyone might agree with my quirky sense of indulgence, but 1.5 semesters into my MA programme this was our relaxation venue for the day. Together the fiancé and I, guided by local friends, walked through Welsh history. From a Victorian… Continue Reading

  • “Woman in Gold”: a Review

    SPOILER ALERT! Vital parts of the plot are reveled in the text below. As a postgraduate student I hardly have the opportunity to indulge myself in a hobby, let alone on a weekday before 10:00pm. So when I learned the opening day for “Woman in Gold” in Cardiff was the second Friday of our spring… Continue Reading