CwtchFest 2015

One of my favourite things about the Welsh is their language. With words like popty ping (microwave) and hiraeth (longing for home), what might look and sound like a long-lost dialect is just a short coach (hyfforddwr) trip from Cardiff (Caerdydd).

The real beauty of the Welsh language is in the word cwtch, which has no exact English translation. A Welsh friend of mine said the best equivalent translation would be “a safe place”. However, cwtch is used colloquially to mean a hug between lovers or a cuddle from a parent to a young child.

Yesterday’s CwtchFest 2015 celebrated independent food and music, an increasingly popular movement in Cardiff.

Hosted by Gwdihw Café Bar, local bands and food companies showed off some of the best Cardiff has on offer.

Hand-tossed right in front of you, Dusty Knuckles Pizza Company is a “must-eat” while in the city. With a name like that, how can you not be enticed to stop for a smoked salmon, caper and horseradish slice?

When you can catch him Funky Jesus is a hoot, especially his song about Welsh history.

Check out @CwtchFest for more information on the event.

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