It’s a blessing and a curse being the only U.S. citizen in an international postgraduate program. Why? Because I get the opportunity to share customs like trick-or-treating while enduring countless George W. Bush remarks.

Last week the blessings outweighed the curse as I ran around like a chicken with its head cut off preparing to host Thanksgiving dinner. I’ve written about Friend-iversaries and other Thanksgivings, but never about a Friends-giving.

Almost 20 guests dined together, from as many different nations. For some this was their first Thanksgiving. There was a lot riding on my mashed potatoes…but alas, my postgraduate student budget only provides for instant.

On the outside a day of feasting, this manufactured holiday is really about family and welcoming people into your home. Wherever I go in the world, and whomever I choose to bring with me, I can bring Thanksgiving as a tradition from home.

It’s something from my home I proud to share, it’s a way to welcome newcomers into my family, and a simple way of saying “I love you.”

The only thing we forget, Adam Sandler’s “Turkey Day,” a real U.S. anthem!

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