News Review: .Mic

When you attend an International Journalism programme, of course you’ll be exposed to new opinions, sources, and perspectives — but who knew I had to travel to Wales to encounter a new US news source? was introduced to me by my friend Kawai Man, from Hong Kong. “I was attracted to the visual presentation…and keep going back to see what kind of things they present to millennials,” she said. “As a future journalist I’d like to learn from the methods they use to continuously target [the same demographic]. This is the future of news, people will not get news from huge monopolies, but from these individual news websites,” she added.
The web-based, blog style media source is the perfect mix of tongue in cheek headlines, large-scale photography, and of course fact and opinion articles. In addition to News, World, Sports, and Music departments, has a page devoted to identities. Titles from this desk include an analysis of rape culture in the media, Navajo kindergarteners, and an author’s opinion of Esquire magazine’s take on women and watches.
Founded with the purpose of providing young people a news outlet geared towards their interests, the most satisfying aspect of’s content is their appreciation for social media. Trend analysis, multi-national communication, and the power of social media play key roles in many of the website’s top articles. The inclusion of social media, the most popular medium of communication amongst millennials, shows that values the opinions, comments, and experiences of young people.
So far, these articles have tickled my fancy:

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