FUNDamental Differences

In the United States education is expensive. Over four years of private high school, another four of undergraduate coursework, and one graduate-level online course my studies have required upwards of $5,000 worth of textbooks, novels, dictionaries, and other reading materials. One of many fees on top of tuition.

Enter Cardiff University, from this Yankee’s perspective, a shining example of cost-effective education. Not only are students in the MAIJ programme not required to purchase textbooks, most of our required readings can be found online or in the library. Shockingly, this policy applies to most undergraduate programs in the UK as well.

Another way the University emphasizes student autonomy while cutting costs is to not require, at least postgraduate (PG) students, to pay for a meal plan. While this leaves PG students to fend for themselves in the local Tesco or Sainsbury’s, it also allows us to cook to our own taste profiles and regional specialties. I recently enjoyed a delicious meal with my Chinese roommates consisting of five different regional dishes.

What a world we would live in, and what people we would walk amongst, if every institution of higher learning placed a greater emphasis on student growth than tuition figures.

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