Cardiff Castle, September 2014

It’s been five days and I am thrilled to be acclimating to the city of Cardiff and patiently awaiting the start of classes and life as a postgraduate student.

On my first day, only hours after disembarking a propeller plane from Dublin, the taxi driver who brought me to Tesco tried to teach me a few words of Welsh:

Good morning: Bore ad
Good evening: Noswaith da
Welcome: Croeso
Thank you: Diolch i chi

So far as I’ve encountered them the Welsh are a truly friendly, helpful, and cheerful people, which brings me to the subject of this post: cheer(s). No matter what situation you’re in, receiving change from a teller, standing to the side for bicycle, holding a door, bumping into someone in a cross walk, “Cheers” is the appropriate response. Some say it in addition to thank you, and it’s even an option when someone sneezes!

So, for now…Cheers! Whatever that means.

(your thoughts here)

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