Planes, Trains, and…Authors?

Peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti and meatballs, tea and cucumber sandwiches, and a long train ride with the great American novel are all great pairings.

You can tell the skill and true craftsmanship of a writer by the detail of their prose. A good writer will make you forget your current environment because he or she is so familiar and well-versed in theirs. The richness of Huckleberry Finn exposes the lifestyle Mark Twain witnessed on the shores and in the ports of the south during his time as a steamboat captain.  Reading Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried your shoulders tense up with the prolonged anxiety and fear of the soldiers through his use of common place songs and military chants.

To expound on the last example in the prior list of pairings: where is the best place to write the great American novel? Well, America of course. Now, you can write your masterpiece while traveling the length of the United States, enter Amtrak’s Writer’s Residency program.

Write a sorrowful romance based on long-forgotten love letters while chugging along the old pony express, let the ups and downs of the rocky Mountains inspire you to tell the gripping biography of a stagecoach bandit, or go the straight forward route and write a travel guide.

Fingers crossed the train doesn’t encounter frozen tracks on the Boston to DC line while your protagonist is racing to the finish line of the Iditarod in blinding snow.

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