6 Word Stories

As a writer I’ve had to hone the ability to edit. I’ll sit down and write a beautiful, poetic article and then two hours later chop it down to something half the word count of the original. Cut. Cut. Cut.

Like any athlete, practice makes perfect and some day I’ll be reading in Carnegie Hall. But until then…I’ve found a great practice tool, the 6 word story.

I first heard about 6 word stories at the 2012 BU Narrative Conference. In one the conferences the speaker mentioned how Ernest Hemingway once took a bet he could write a story in less than 10 words. Hemingway submitted this: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” And so, the genre of flash fiction was born.

Here are my latest attempts:

Mild Russian winter protests Sochi Olympics.

While she rested, he escaped silently.

Loving is a terribly lonely act.

All hat, no cattle: plains vegetarian.

Sister’s braids hang like family trees.

Ten gallon hat, size seven shoe.

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