On Thanksgiving: American Childrens’ Hunger

After my post, “The Taste of Water,”  I was asked to write about the day-to-day challenges faced by Americans. No, I don’t mean spotty WiFi, low iPhone batteries, or the over-crowded parking lot at Trader Joe’s; real hardships that happen on every corner in the land of the free.

Over the summer I read an article about a piece of American life I was unaware of previously. What happens during the summer months to children who rely on government-funded school lunch programs?

In this article Eli Saslow of the Washington Post, considers summer, the longed-for time of running through sprinklers, chasing ice cream trucks, and building sandcastles, the fatal season of the year.

Yes, these months are rife with swimming and boating accidents, but what Saslow is referring to are the children living in the rural, sprawling hills of Appalachia who are going hungry while out of school. He calls schools, “the country’s biggest soup kitchens” and praises the government on their expansion to include student breakfasts as well as lunches.

Speaking of soup kitchens, on this day of thanks and giving, while you celebrate with family and friends and pass the sweet potato cake around the table, remember those who are less fortunate than you.

Click this Feeding America link to find your local food bank. Area food banks provide canned goods and non-perishables to families and children in need, filling in the gaps left open by these government-funded programs.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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