The Taste of Water

According to the United Nations two million Syrians have fled their country because of the civil war. This number grows by 6,000 everyday.

How much longer does Syria have before the majority of its citizens are living outside the country’s borders?

This set of photographs, and the accompanying video, personalizes a very impersonal statistic. It puts faces to the stories that have only scratched the surface of news coverage in the West.

When asked, “What is one thing you miss about your country?,” the children’s responses are so joyful and honest that you cannot help but think of how you interact with these things in your life.

One girl’s response is, “At my family’s house, the taste of the water is different.” When my sister was much younger, in the summertime when were playing outside she used to drink out of the hose that drew from our well. She always said it tasted better drinking directly from the source.

I sincerely hope these displaced people do not become a forgotten statistic. As a community, we must help to bring them back home.

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