How To…Make Your Own Family

I come from a very small family. My sister and I were raised in an open, familial architecture that grew as we grew, encompassing my parent’s best friends as adopted uncles and aunts. To us, family does not stop at the boundaries of blood relatives.

Over the years I’ve augmented my tiny, yet strong battalion with the people I’ve encountered in my life who mean more to me than a passing friendship. Here are a few tips on how to grow your family:

1. Always choose the people who reciprocate the attention and caring that you show them.

2. Those friends that can translate when you speak with food in your mouth, and those that understand your point even when you only use five words to explain your frustration, they should make the list.

3. Keep the people who can make you laugh and smile, even when they’re the ones you’re angry with, the closest.

4. We live in a world with FaceTime and Skype, include the people who live even in the farthest corners of the world. You never know when you might need to borrow their couch.

5. Don’t forget the best friend from college you always need to hug just one more time when you’re queuing at airport security.

6. Count the friends who you can sit with while reading a book or being otherwise preoccupied, and not feel the urge to break the silence.

Who do you include in your family?

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