_irate Joe’s

Two truths and a lie: I went to school in the North Country of upstate of New York, I cannot go a day without chocolate, and I hate Trader Joe’s.

…I love Trader Joe’s. The eclectic variety and diversity of their frozen meals make it my grocery store of choice. When I found their dark chocolate covered mini pretzels…oh man. Which is why I’m saddened by their decision to sue the owner of _irate Joe’s.

In a recent article NPR broke the news that Trader Joe’s is suing Vancouver business man Mike Hallatt, who has been transporting the Monrovia, CA-based store’s goods across the border to Canada and reselling them under the name Pirate Joe’s. Long story short, Hallatt has been providing the great white north with the sweet sweet nectar that is Trader Joe’s for the past 18 months.

The article reported Hallatt as saying, “business is brisk.” If there is such a demand for their product in Vancouver, why is Trader Joe’s fighting Hallatt rather than capitalizing on this new market? I say give the, rather genius, man the first Canadian franchise.

C’mon Joe, or Giotto if I’m speaking to the man who makes the pasta, be as bold with this decision as you are with your dried fruit selection and wall of hot sauces: let Canada in on the fun!

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