37 Uses for a Maxi Pad

…or so it seems.

The subheading of this post should be “The Ingenuity of Captivity,” but I didn’t want to immediately give it away that I was going to be talking about Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black.”

I may be a little late to the boat on this, but when I first started watching “Orange” I only knew a few uses for maxi pads. Now I know the cotton-filled wonder product can be latched into shower sandals and even roped around your ears as a face mask. (I wonder, did all of these DIY shows/websites/gurus come out before or after Martha Stewart was released from a very similar facility?)

So far I’ve loved the first season and am waiting with bated breath for the second. I’ll take my wine from the bottle, however, not the toilet.

(your thoughts here)

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