• Homesick in the land of rugby

    “Homesick in the land of rugby” is an op-ed article I wrote for the MAIJ postgraduate student newspaper. In the days following the Patriot’s victory in Super Bowl XLIV, while envisioning all the nachos I missed out on, I took the opportunity to express my homesickness in journalistic form. Enjoy.  

  • Trekking a Welsh Beach

    On Sunday I had the pleasure of getting out of the city for a few hours and enjoying a walk on a Welsh beach. Climbing and jumping across the varied terrain was reminiscent of the feats of Indiana Jones. At points I was dodging strong currents from an estuary flowing into the ocean, bounding from boulder… Continue Reading

  • #alaCardiff-giving

    It’s a blessing and a curse being the only U.S. citizen in an international postgraduate program. Why? Because I get the opportunity to share customs like trick-or-treating while enduring countless George W. Bush remarks. Last week the blessings outweighed the curse as I ran around like a chicken with its head cut off preparing to… Continue Reading


    Yesterday I wrote a 31 word research question. I removed my hands from the keyboard and could distinctly hear my professor’s mantra: cut down the word count. After reading it aloud and crowd sourcing editing skills from my friends seated around me I narrowed the focus down to 18 words. (Hooray!) As I work to… Continue Reading

  • Retreat at Gregynog Hall

    The anticipation and hype surrounding the MAIJ trip to Gregynog was tantamount to Halloween and a visit from the Easter Bunny combined. A retreat in the quiet depths of northeastern Wales, Gregynog was bequeathed to the University of Wales upon the death of the Davies sisters. Now a function hall, Gregynog is a Renaissance man-sion hosting weddings, conferences,… Continue Reading

  • News Review: .Mic

    When you attend an International Journalism programme, of course you’ll be exposed to new opinions, sources, and perspectives — but who knew I had to travel to Wales to encounter a new US news source?   Mic.com was introduced to me by my friend Kawai Man, from Hong Kong. “I was attracted to the visual presentation…and keep going back… Continue Reading