• a la Cardiff

      Bon voyage! Adios! Sayonara! Too da loo! Ffarwell!   No, I didn’t misspell farewell. Ffarwell is goodbye in Welsh. In two weeks I’m leaving for the year-long International Journalism Master’s Degree program at Cardiff University in Cardiff, Wales.   I want to make a difference. I want to be involved in what’s happening in… Continue Reading

  • The Mango Wars: Part II

    As a four-year-old Buddy, from Uncasville, Conn., was diagnosed with a chocolate and cocoa allergy. He vividly remembers returning home after trick-or-treating each Halloween and forking over his chocolate candy in exchange for his sisters fruit-flavored sweets. This is his allergen story. How do you combat your allergy? I avoid anything that looks like it could contain… Continue Reading

  • Christmas in July

      I was recently talking to a friend who celebrates the interim period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s by baking hundreds upon hundreds of cookies. She explained this tradition was a holdover from her childhood when each member of her family had pretty hefty holiday baking responsibilities, each trying to produce four batches of various… Continue Reading

  • Our “Willful Ignorance” of Food Sourcing

    Modern Farmer is not a magazine I would normally pick up. Damn those Whole Foods checkout lines with their Lana Del Ray CDs and small publications with catchy feature titles!   The cover of the spring 2014 edition of Modern Farmer read, “Dairy Situation: Is Milk Humane?” I was hoping for an article on human… Continue Reading

  • The Mango Wars: Part I

    In a recent trip to West Palm Beach, Florida I was surrounded by mango margaritas, mango salsa, mango puree, mango shooters, and yes, raw mangoes. For a mango allergen like me, it was a war zone where no one could fall on the anaphylactic grenade for me.

  • Pragmatic Leadership and the WPSP

    Pragmatism was the word of the day on Monday, May 26 at the opening ceremony of the 2014 Women in Public Service Project summer institute. “We are here because we care deeply about the future of women and girls on our planet,” said Mt. Holyoke College President Lynn Pasquerella, who has teamed with her counterparts… Continue Reading

  • Shaking Hands with the Enemy, My Brother

    April 2014 marks the twentieth anniversary of the Rwandan genocide. One of the major conflicts of the 1990s, it forced the international community to face and define the degree of their support for such large scale, massacres in places like Africa, the Baltic, and South America. This month is particularly meaningful to people my age,… Continue Reading