• CwtchFest 2015

    One of my favourite things about the Welsh is their language. With words like popty ping (microwave) and hiraeth (longing for home), what might look and sound like a long-lost dialect is just a short coach (hyfforddwr) trip from Cardiff (Caerdydd). The real beauty of the Welsh language is in the word cwtch, which has… Continue Reading

  • Dewi Sant Celebrations Herald Spring

    Cardiff was alive with color today as the nation celebrated Dewi Sant (St David’s) Day, the 6th century CE patron saint of Wales. Yellow daffodil brooches, green leeks pinned to hats, flags with red dragons and vibrant smiles were abundant even as the sun faded and true Welsh weather won out once again. Here are some of… Continue Reading

  • Homesick in the land of rugby

    “Homesick in the land of rugby” is an op-ed article I wrote for the MAIJ postgraduate student newspaper. In the days following the Patriot’s victory in Super Bowl XLIV, while envisioning all the nachos I missed out on, I took the opportunity to express my homesickness in journalistic form. Enjoy.  

  • Trekking a Welsh Beach

    On Sunday I had the pleasure of getting out of the city for a few hours and enjoying a walk on a Welsh beach. Climbing and jumping across the varied terrain was reminiscent of the feats of Indiana Jones. At points I was dodging strong currents from an estuary flowing into the ocean, bounding from boulder… Continue Reading

  • #alaCardiff-giving

    It’s a blessing and a curse being the only U.S. citizen in an international postgraduate program. Why? Because I get the opportunity to share customs like trick-or-treating while enduring countless George W. Bush remarks. Last week the blessings outweighed the curse as I ran around like a chicken with its head cut off preparing to… Continue Reading


    Yesterday I wrote a 31 word research question. I removed my hands from the keyboard and could distinctly hear my professor’s mantra: cut down the word count. After reading it aloud and crowd sourcing editing skills from my friends seated around me I narrowed the focus down to 18 words. (Hooray!) As I work to… Continue Reading