• Oxford, UK

    This past Saturday the graduate centre sponsored a trip to Oxford and the British weather gods blessed the day.   Unbeknownst to us, Oxford University freshers (aka freshmen) were matriculating that morning. All across the city young kids were dressed in black suits and skirts with white tops and the official, short-sleeve robes of an… Continue Reading

  • FUNDamental Differences

    In the United States education is expensive. Over four years of private high school, another four of undergraduate coursework, and one graduate-level online course my studies have required upwards of $5,000 worth of textbooks, novels, dictionaries, and other reading materials. One of many fees on top of tuition.

  • Cardiff Bay

    Only three and a half miles south of the city centre, Cardiff Bay is the exclamation point of the Welsh capital city. Old and new are both cherished here with landmarks including the Pierhead Building; the Welsh Assembly, the Senedd; and the Millennium Centre. It is clear the renovation of the once docklands, central to… Continue Reading

  • Cheers

    It’s been five days and I am thrilled to be acclimating to the city of Cardiff and patiently awaiting the start of classes and life as a postgraduate student. On my first day, only hours after disembarking a propeller plane from Dublin, the taxi driver who brought me to Tesco tried to teach me a… Continue Reading

  • a la Cardiff

      Bon voyage! Adios! Sayonara! Too da loo! Ffarwell!   No, I didn’t misspell farewell. Ffarwell is goodbye in Welsh. In two weeks I’m leaving for the year-long International Journalism Master’s Degree program at Cardiff University in Cardiff, Wales.   I want to make a difference. I want to be involved in what’s happening in… Continue Reading

  • The Mango Wars: Part II

    As a four-year-old Buddy, from Uncasville, Conn., was diagnosed with a chocolate and cocoa allergy. He vividly remembers returning home after trick-or-treating each Halloween and forking over his chocolate candy in exchange for his sisters fruit-flavored sweets. This is his allergen story. How do you combat your allergy? I avoid anything that looks like it could contain… Continue Reading

  • Christmas in July

      I was recently talking to a friend who celebrates the interim period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s by baking hundreds upon hundreds of cookies. She explained this tradition was a holdover from her childhood when each member of her family had pretty hefty holiday baking responsibilities, each trying to produce four batches of various… Continue Reading